Another Illegal Alien Assault On Law Enforcement

Last year I lived in Colorado and watched first hand the story of Officer Donny Young.  It was a story that got national attention because Officer Young was shot and killed by an illegal alien by the name of Raul Gomez-Garcia who ran across the border to Mexico.  In order to get this piece of excrement back, America had to agree not to kill him.  I had several good friends who rode in a motorcycle run to get donations for Officer Young’s family.  I know that this is only one of many stories across the nation.  In fact, now that I have moved here to Florida I heard about a similar incident in the county where I reside that fortunately ended better for the officer involved.

An officer here was responding to a complaint over the weekend about a raucous party.  Upon reaching the location he found his squad car under assault from smashing beer bottles.  After a short foot pursuit, the officer had the assailant in hand only to be kicked and punched shortly thereafter by an angry mob.  A beer bottle was broken over his head and there were several attempts to get his gun away from him.  I assume the angry mob meant to kill the officer who was just doing his duty.  Thankfully back-up showed up and the officer only ended up in the hospital rather than the morgue.  The initial assailant was arrested and four others were handed over to the Border Patrol because they were illegal aliens.  Twelve others are still being sought.

I have been called everything from a racist to a zenophobe because of my stand on illegal aliens.  Those who throw these names around and go on to say what good workers and good people these illegals are forget one thing.  An obvious disrespect for one law leads to a disrespect of all the laws.  Those who want to enforce the laws get the brunt of this whether they are the police or border patrol.  I’m sure many of the illegals who come here are just looking for a better life, but that does not cover over the fact that they are stealing jobs from America, stealing money whether it be welfare or disability or unpaid hospital bills, stealing services from hospitals or State and Federal Human Services, stealing educations for their children and the list goes on.  These people don’t pay their income taxes – in order to do that, they would have to steal someone’s identity (which many do).  

Something has got to be done.  Our government has tied the hands of the men and women who are the ones who could do something, but instead are left to fend for themselves.  None of the presidential candidates will do anything either, other than give these lawbreakers the ability to become one of us.  How many countless other immigrants have waited and waited who would benefit our country and yet they will get nothing.  Only if you sneak over can you be rewarded.  You get more of what you reward.  This country needs to:

  1. Fine all employers of illegal immigrants
  2. Have a one year moritorium on all immigration
  3. Build an Israeli style fence on the Mexico border
  4. Any illegal that is caught is immediately shipped home at Mexico’s expense
  5. Fine all people/companies that provide housing for illegals
  6. Fine any money transfer company that wires money to Mexico
  7. Fine any bank that provides any service to illegals
  8. No services except emergency care – and it better be an EMERGENCY

 If no jobs are here, there is no ability to use the money earned, there are no services provided and they are made to feel completely unwelcome, the illegals will start to go home.  Then we can revamp our immigration policies that will make it easier for people to immigrate to America who can jump through certain hoops, ie: no criminal record and they can do something that is of benefit to America.  True amnesty can be implemented again as well. 

If we continue down our same road though, we will lose this country as it collapses from within.  We also have no idea how many terrorists are sitting here waiting to wake-up from their “sleep” and they will continue to infiltrate our country as we just let them pass right on through.  A Constititution doesn’t mean much if you don’t know what it says or care what it says for that matter.


One response to “Another Illegal Alien Assault On Law Enforcement

  1. Hi,

    Can you please place a link on your website / or blog; to this Take Back Our Country Song it’s a patriotic song that is very inspiring, and truthful. I wrote this song after being fed up with what I see happening in my neighborhood and to our country daily on the news.

    I am just an ordinary citizen that went away to serve at age 19. And I am sick and tired of the lies and chaos our ELECTED SELLOUT OFFICIALS has put this country into. So I wanted to do my part, as a soldier of the USANG, I wrote this song and put it on this video.

    My state Louisiana was hit hard by hurricane Katrina and hundreds of illegal aliens moved into our community took away jobs that we Americans were ready to do, and now crime has gone thru the roof. I am sick and tired of these people in my neighborhood and hanging out on our street corners. WE MUST DO SOMETHING TO PUT A STOP TO THIS!

    Please check out my video Take Back Our Country Song on here’s the link. And FORWARD it to everyone on your email list. This is my way of fighting back and giving back to my country.

    Please, I served my country in the US Army National Guards, and I hate what’s happening to our country. We must do all we can to Take Her Back!

    Thank you,
    Richie Collins

    Take Back Our Country

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