The Lights Continue to Dim on Obama’s Presidential Hopes

I am pleased to see that the media is not letting this firestorm surrounding Barack Obama and Reverend Jeremiah Wright die away.  Some more liberally slanted shows are trying to sweep it away, but as long as the people keep it alive, it will stay out here right where it should.  Perhaps some people are already “sick” of hearing about it – I would call those the dimwits who would rather stay uninformed.  For those of us who do not allow the wool to be pulled over our eyes we find it imperative to dig deeper and if you follow my postings, you know I am the type that likes to reveal the parallels and connections between things. 

Barack Obama has vehemently claimed that he is a Christian.  He has said this many times in an attempt to reject claims that he is actually a Muslim.  These claims were rampant all over the Internet a month or more ago.  I understand that just because someone spent some of there formidable years in a Muslim school, that does not mean that those beliefs attached themselves to his brain.  What does give me pause is the fact that both of his fathers were Muslim men.  I can even overlook that when considering that he was raised by his Caucasian grandparents, one of whom he quite easily threw under the bus.  (Talk about ungrateful!)  But several stories have cropped up in the past couple of days and through some digging I find myself questioning whether Obama really is Christian in heart and not just in word.

I first found myself at Trinity Church of Christ’s website.  I had not heard much about Black Liberation Theology and was interested in finding out more.  Trinity embraces something called systematized Liberation Theology which began in 1969 after Dr. James Cone wrote a book about it.  Black Liberation Theology joins a long list of other racial and gender based theologies such as Hispanic Theology, Native American Theology and Womanist Theology.  Reverend Wright explains Trinity’s theology in this way, “To have a church whose theological perspective starts from the vantage point of Black Liberation Theology being its center…”  He writes that they do not claim that blacks are better, but it is hard to believe that when hearing him scream about “whitey” and throwing around anti-Semetic comments.  I have to conclude that Obama holds to this theology since he is a member of this church and has been for over a decade.  So what about this theology and Trinity is non-Christian?  It’s right there in the Reverend’s words, this theology is their center.  Who is the center of the Christian church – Jesus Christ of course.  They are worshipping at the wrong altar.  And let me let the Bible speak for itself since it is the “sword of the Spirit”.  This is Romans 10:12 (NIV) “For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile-the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on Him.”  Reverend Wright who supposedly is such an angry man because of Segregation is the true Segregationist.  And in Trinty’s Mission Statement the church attempts to speak for God by saying, “The fortunate who are among us combine forces with the less fortunate to become agents of change for God who is not pleased with America’s economic mal-distribution.”  Funny, I didn’t see anywhere that this was backed up with scripture.  Same for their brand of Marxist theology – because that is the root of Liberation Theology.  It is completely un-Biblical.

So I sit here questioning whether Obama is truly a follower of Jesus Christ when I hear that the New Black Panther Party is endorsing him and has their logo up on his website.  Of course, that has been refuted and taken down, but one still has to question who Obama is if the New Black Panthers think he would make a good President.  Malik Zulu Shabazz, the leader of the New Black Panthers which was founded in 1990, appeared on Fox & Friends this morning backing up claims that the government started the AIDS virus to kill blacks.  Funny, I thought it was a gay disease in its early years – silly me.  Then he said something interesting in regards to Obama, Rev. Wright and Trinity by saying that Obama is “a product of Trinity Church of Christ”.  Now that you know what Trinity is about, you have another window into this man’s soul.  To continue with my connections, I want to remind everyone that the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam go hand in hand.  Kind of like how Reverend Wright and Louis Farrakan go hand in hand.  Black Muslims are supporting Obama from all angles.  Really makes one think about those claims of not being Muslim.

Yesterday Obama reminded us all of his plans to pull us out of Iraq pronto when he is President.  He has said that he wants to get together with the leaders of the Middle East and hash out everything.  Diplomacy over force with the radical Muslims is Obama’s plan.  Hmm…almost makes you think he must side with them since he thinks they will listen to him. 

Of course, I cannot claim outright that Obama is a Muslim – I don’t know the man’s heart.  I’m not ignorant though and I can connect the dots and the picture I see forming for the future of America makes me think those crazy conspiracy people building bunkers might just have it right.  Obama as President – Please pass me a tin foil hat!


One response to “The Lights Continue to Dim on Obama’s Presidential Hopes

  1. Who among us can claim that none of our relatives, none of our friends, none of our teachers, none of our religious leaders, and none of our partners has ever said anything racist?

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