Pork Barrel Spending Lives Another Day

As expected – since Democrat Harry Reid pushed back the vote on a pork barrel spending moratorium to after midnight – pork barrel spending lives on as the Senate kills the bill 71-29.  And far from being innocent in this, the Republicans did not back John McCain in his support of the bill.  Only 23 supported the bill.  Five Democrats voted for it and Obama and Clinton were two of them.  I applaud them for that.  So as we can see, there is little difference in the parties.  They just want to spend us into oblivion.  On that note, the $3 trillion budget did pass and puts America back in the black.  Not because domestic programs were cut – those were increased – but because the tax cuts will expire in 2010.  I just love our government – too bad they don’t love America!


One response to “Pork Barrel Spending Lives Another Day

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