Obama on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

I watched and listened intently as Obama stammered his way through responses to Keith Olbermann’s usual softball questions.  I couldn’t help but notice the strategically placed poster in the background to the right emblazoned with the word “Change” and  obviously highlighted by some kind of lighting that wasn’t in the picture.  And there certainly was change for Obama today.  The Reverend Jeremiah Wright stepped down as spiritual advisor to Obama’s campaign, not because Obama asked him to, but because he had retired from the pulpit anyway and so it was time for him to move on.  Obama said that he repudiated what the man said, but not the man himself.  And then with a straight face said that he did not recall hearing any “incendiary language personally when he attended the church”.  We are suppose to believe that in 20 years of church going, the three times that the Reverend was recorded denouncing America and being completely vile, Obama was not in attendance and that those are the only times these things were said?!  Give me a break.  Be an agent of true change, Obama, and don’t tell fibs like the rest of the politicians.  A commentator told Olbermann that this was not a nuclear hit to the Obama campaign.  My how out of touch the media is.  They only now picked up on a story that already made the rounds on the internet and radio months and months ago.  This was a huge hit.  Obama doesn’t think there should be guilt by association here.  Note to Obama: You sat in the man’s pew for 20 years, you let him marry you to Michelle, you let him baptize your children and you took his tapes to college with you.  This man was your spiritual advisor.  Even if not guilty by association, you have shown horrible judgement.  And we’re suppose to trust you with America!?


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