Throw Trash On The Ground And Go To Hell

The Catholic church, in it’s never ending drive to add to the Word of God though the Bible clearly instructs us not to, has come up with a list of seven new sins.  I guess these would be the “Seven Deadly Sins 2”.  Polluting the earth now leads to Hell.  Despite the recent conference in New York to debunk Global Warming and the countless reams of research proving Al Gore is full of hot air, the Vatican would like to continue propagating this myth.  Driving a Hummer – that’s a fast ticket into Hell.  For the life of me, I can’t find the exact Scripture where this sin can be found.  I agree that God gave man dominion over the earth and that we are to take care of it, but does He really care if we are using florescent lightbulbs and turning off electronics when not in use?  This is just a continuation of the nannyism that is slowly taking over our lives.  Note to Vatican: God made us to be free.

Also included on the list are genetic engineering, which I agree can venture into immoral areas; drug dealing, also a bad thing but drug dealers don’t force anyone to take those drugs; abortion, which I think is already covered by “Thou shalt not kill”; Pedophilia, I abhore this but are there certain parameters here because this is broad especially when looking at the Bible and how young girls were when they were married off; causing social injustice; and my personal favorite, being obscenely rich.  I understand that greed is covered in the original seven deadly sins, so this must not relate to greed or the love of money, but rather just to having too much money.  So really if the government takes from the successful and gives it to others and spreads the wealth, it is doing God’s work.


5 responses to “Throw Trash On The Ground And Go To Hell

  1. It is obvious that anyone who doesn’t support the vatican in these decisions has no idea of the secrets given to it by OUR BLESSED MOTHER. Support of this is necessary! Do some you research on what is going to come. GOD IS all powerful and HAS destroyed rebels in the past and will do it again. I wouldn’t tempt HIM!

  2. You have it all wrong. This is not new teaching but the rumination of a Vatican official during a magazine interview. You and the Catholic Church are both victims of irresponsible reporting.

    See here:

  3. misie tapp, of course I don’t support the Vatican because it propogates a religion Jesus Christ would never have approved of particularly since it believes the same thing you do about Mary – that she is our blessed mother. She was Jesus’ mother and she is just like the rest of us. Before you threaten others with the wrath of God perhaps you should look at your own beliefs versus what the Bible clearly teaches. No idol worshipping! I’m pretty sure that is one of those 10 commandment things.

  4. Fr. J – I stand corrected on my stating that these were “new” sins issued by the church. Unfortunatley, the truth is that the Vatican has fallen victim to this theory of Global Warming and has been making statements relation to that.

  5. You are right about the Vatican and global warming. I wish they would stay out of it as I am a skeptic on the matter.

    But, frankly, the last time I wished the Vatican would mind its own business was the Iraq War which I like almost all Americans supported initially.

    You dont have to agree, but it seems to me that Rome has an uncanny way of being right about a lot of things (though certainly not all).

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