John McCain Puts America First!?

If certain bills such as the Amnesty bill and that little environmental bill co-sponsored with Teddy Kennedy were not proof enough of how much McCain wants to protect America and the Constitution, then certainly the news that McCain put the kabash on a multi-million dollar Boeing deal with the Air Force should.  Now I’m all for Capitalism and competition, but this show of mighty McCain’s drive to fight powerful corporate interests is not all it is cracked up to be and here is why I think that. 

First let me be clear that this Boeing deal with the Air Force did not start off on the right foot because Darleen Duyun, the Air Force acquisitions official in charge of the deal, did some underhanded wheeling and dealing to boost the value of the deal.  As a result, she is in the pokey.  I can agree with being cautious going forward from that point and despite 50 years of good dealings with Boeing, looking at other contracts.  But to award the deal to EADS, a European company!?  And they were not awarded the contract because they are squeaky clean – the US is currently pursuing a subsidies case against a subsidiary of EADS, Airbus.  If this was a private company rather than the military and was not being brokered by Congress, I would say they are free to deal with who they want.  But if it is the governments money – I MEAN MY MONEY – it better benefit America and Boeing employs a ton of people here in the US.  And even if Boeing were not used, perhaps we could look at another American company.  There’s a thought.  But I guess Senator McCain and his ilk forgot that America comes first for true Americans.  Actually I’m surprised they didn’t award China with the deal – then we could watch the tankers fall out of the sky, after they were covered in lead paint.


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