The Pride of Michelle Obama

So Michelle Obama is finally proud of America.  She has been an American now for forty something years – not sure what her age is – and despite the fact that America came together and fought back after September 11th, that we have helped lead countries away from Communism, that we send more aide around the world and around our own country then any other country, that we lead the frontiers of medicine, science and innovation, it took her husband’s flowery, empty words of “change” (which incidently will help to destroy America in a way Jimmy Carter never imagined) to make her proud.  Michelle Obama actually said that for the FIRST time in her adult life she is proud of America because they are embracing change.  This woman could be our next first lady – what a joy!

I’m sure a retraction and apology will be coming as they always do, but we now see the heart of this woman and no flowery words from her will ever change that.


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