Barack Obama’s True Colors

Today has been an enlightening day in regards to Barack Obama due to some developments in his camp.  Obama is one of the few who can speak eloquently and at length without saying a thing and that makes it difficult to figure out where he is coming from.  I believe that this is by design, but there have been a few chinks in the armour.  The first revelation came via a picture taken inside his campaign headquarters in Houston.  A large Cuban flag emblazened with Che Gevarra’s likeness hung on the wall behind a campaign worker’s desk.  Several people are in the picture and no one seems to care that this flag is there.  Not even Obama himself.  He sent out the standard message that he doesn’t like this flag being there, but these are volunteers, blah, blah, blah.  If it was me, I would at least feign some outrage and demand it be taken down.  My only interpretation here can be that he harbors no ill will towards Castro or Che.

The second illumination today was the revelation that Obama is one of the main sponsors of Senate Bill 2433.  This bill had been flying under the radar until today.  It basically calls on America to fulfill it’s duties as agreed upon at the 8th Plenary meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 8, 2000 via the UN’s Millennium Declaration 55/2.  The goals of this declaration is to make the whole earth equal basically by bringing the third world up to our standards of living.  It commits the United States to give .7% of its Gross National Product to foreign aid which would equal $ 845 billion over what we already spend.  This money is given to the UN to use wisely – just like they always do, right?  This Declaration also calls for banning small arms and weapons, ratifying treaties including the International Court, participating in the Kyoto Protocol and making sure women have equal treatment everywhere.  The UN has really protected women throughout the years – those weren’t really their peacekeepers who raped all those women in Africa, right?  I think pushing this bill through reveals Obama as the Globalist he is with no concern for America or “We the People”.

This man also refuses to wear an American flag lapel pin and won’t put his hand to his heart during the National Anthem.  He has no American pride.  His church membership is questionable as well with his spiritual advisor being a dear friend of Louis Farrakan.  How can we put a man in charge of our country who seems to hold a disdain for America, the rich (hmm…doesn’t he live in a home worth 1.6 million?) and the white man.  The audacity of hope!? – no…the audacity that he thinks his brand of change will be good for America.  It will be the death of America!


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