Conservative Voting Options

Barack Obama has really got the wind in his sails now and appears to be headed all the way to the Democratic nomination.  I had thought Hillary Clinton could pull this off no matter what with the Superdelegates, but I’m beginning to doubt that.  So…unless there is some kind of nuclear war or something (it could happen) it looks like the November match-up will be Barack Obama and John McCain.  So what are staunch Conservatives to do?

In the past, I always voted the Party line no matter what.  After this last go ’round with President Bush, I am forever turned off from that idea.  It is time to dig deep and live by the principles that had made this country so great and unique in the world.  And though the idea of Obama as President scares the Hell out of me, I cannot bring myself to support McCain either.  If I continue to do that, I will only get more of the same.  The GOP will never “right the ship” until they are backed into a corner.  They have been doing this for years – offering neo-cons -because they know eventually the Conservatives will have no choice but to back the GOP candidate.  This leaves me with two options and one of them is not staying home.  We have a civic duty that our forefathers and ancestors died for and it is a right that should not be treated so casually.  The first option is a write-in candidate.  This could make a difference if enough people could agree on who.  Even if that doesn’t happen, I could still sleep with my conscience at night.  The other option is a third party candidate.  I’m not crazy about Libertarians, but the Constitution Party has caught my eye.  Perhaps fixing the GOP is not the answer.  Perhaps a new party should be formed by Conservatives.

Think a third party candidate could never win?  Just ask Abraham Lincoln.  He was our first Republican President and he was a third party candidate at the time.  It could happen!


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