Who is Really Advising Presidential Hopefuls?

A cursory glance over the list of advisors to each Presidential hopeful is very enlightening.  It is hard to believe that each of these hopefuls really will be an agent of change when one sees the all too familiar names on each list.  Individuals such as Sandy Berger, Madeleine Albright, Richard Clark, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Alexander Haig, Henry Kissinger, Robert McFarlane and Colin Powell grace the lists of advisors to name a few.  While experience is definately a plus, digging deep beyond just the years of experience reveals something else – something that could prove to be rather sinister.

Let’s begin with Hillary Clinton.  Not only has she attended Bilderberger meetings, she also is connected to the Council on Foreign Relations, CFR.  The same goes for good old Billy.  Madeleine Albright is Senator Clinton’s foreign policy advisor and she herself presently sits on the Board of Directors for the CFR.  Sandy Berger – Mr. Put the Secret Papers in My Pants – is also Clinton’s foreign policy advisor and a CFR member.  General Wesley Clarke is a member of the CFR and endorses Clinton.  Leslie H. Gelb is president emeritus of the CFR and an informal advisor to Hillary.  A third foreign policy advisor is Richard Holbrooke who also presently sits on CFR’s Board of Directors.  The Brookings Institute is a think tank that has long advised presidents on how to conduct the US Government.  Some of their “wonderful” accomplishments are “The New Deal”, “New Frontiers” under Kennedy and “The Great Society”.  The Chicago Tribune in 1951 said The Brookings Institute had created an “elaborate program of training and indoctrination in global thinking.”  On Senator Clinton’s team we have the following advisors from The Brookings Institute; Strobe Talbott (Brookings’ president), Michael O’Hanlon (Brookings’ Senior Fellow) and Martin Indyk (Brookings’ Director Saban Center for Middle East Policy).

Barack Obama has his share of questionable advisors.  First of all, he has been endorsed by Caroline Kennedy and Ted Kennedy who are both CFR members.  John Kerry has also endorsed Obama and he is a CFR member as well as a member of Skull & Bones.  Obama’s wife Michelle is on the Board of Directors for The Chicago Council on Global Affairs which was founded in 1922 as The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations.  Zbigniew Brzezinski is Obama’s foreign affairs advisor and is a CFR member and co-counder of The Trilateral Commission, serving as Director from 1973-1976.  Obama’s economic advisor is Austan Goolsbee who is a member of Skull & Bones, Class of 1991.  Four other advisors are Senior Fellows with The Brookings Institute: Ivo Daalder, Philip Gordon, Susan Rice and Bruce Reidel.

Finally we have John McCain who is himself a CFR member.  His foreign policy advisor (ARE WE SEEING A TREND HERE!) is Max Boot who is a CFR editor.  He was endorsed by Alexander Haig, an historical CFR member.  Robert Kagan is an informal foreign policy advisor and a member of CFR who co-founded the Project For the New American Century.  Henry Kissinger is an informal McCain advisor and CFR member who has said some horrendously scary things in the past.  Other informal advisors and CFR members are Colin Powell, James Schlesinger, George Shultz and R. James Woolsey.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these people all seem to be strategically placed in each of the presidential hopefuls camps.  Is it any wonder that these individuals are the ones that have come out on top of the pack?  Do the people really have any say in who we have governing this country when all is said and done?  Are any candidates immune from the influences of these sinister groups?  A few have been and that is why they never gain any ground.  We the people must be ever vigilant and vote with our principles for someone – anyone – who is not a part of this one-party system.


One response to “Who is Really Advising Presidential Hopefuls?

  1. Susan Rice is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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